• Born in Tampere, Finland.
  • Lived in London, Lancaster (UK), Helsinki & Brussels.
  • Master's Degree in history & journalism, Bachelor degree in geography.
  • Video journalism course from LSJ in London.
  • Family includes a dachshund 2 daughters & husband.

Currently I work as a Brussels Correspondent for the Finnish MustRead media: www.mustread.fi 

In addition to working as a journalist, content creator and editor, I'm now also an author:

My first book (non-fiction) about EU called "EU-perusteos" was published in October 2019 in Finnish and Swedish.

In addition to my mother tongue Finnish I speak English, Swedish and French and understand also German.

Communications is my calling.

I founded my very own quartier magazine at the age of five. At school was responsible for the school newspaper and weekly news broadcast.

At the university I became the editor in chief of my student union's monthly magazine and before I knew it I had a job as journalist at the age of 21.

During my career I have had the opportunity to see the different sides of the world of communications: Corporate communications of a global stainless steel company, everyday life of a political advisor both in the European Parliament and in the Finnish Parliament, a Brussels correspondant to Finland's biggest business daily and third biggest newspaper as well as European level association and big national employer organisation.


Currently:  Brussels Correspondent of the Finnish MustRead media & content creator

2010 - 2014: Communication Manager at the Finnish Hospitality Association (Matkailu- ja Ravintolapalvelut MaRa)

Main achievements: Creating a new communications strategy, establishing communications processes, tools and

measuring system (renewal of website, visual identity, social media, etc.), building a strong media

presence as the voice of the industry (positive press coverage from almost zero to 900 articles/year)

2008 - 2010: Brussels Correspondent, Alma Media: Aamulehti (3nd biggest daily newspaper in Finland) and Kauppalehti (biggest daily business newspaper).

Main achievements: Several high-level interviews and front-page exclusive stories.

2007 - 2008: Policy Adviser at HOTREC– Confederation of Hotels, Restaurants & Cafes in Europe

Main achievements: Developing policy positions in co-operation with 40 national member associations, building coalitions; representing HOTREC in various meetings with EU officials, MEPs and Government. Responsible of Head Office communications (press releases, publications, internet, etc.)

2005 - 2007: Political Advisor to a Member of the European Parliament (Alexander Stubb)

Main achievements: Drafting reports, resolutions, amendments, policy briefings as well

as monitoring on-going and coming legislation, negotiating with stakeholders in Brussels and

abroad, liaising with e.g. the Commission, the Council, lobbyists and media. Organizing meetings

and events. Writing press releases, columns and various kinds of articles.

2003 - 2005: Editor, Editorial Secretary at Outokumpu Oyj

Main achievements: Planning and executing internal & external corporate magazines & newsletters, writing articles,

reports and corporate press releases, editing web and intranet pages, planning and writing group's

Corporate Responsibility report.

2002 - 2003: Political Assistant to a MP in the Finnish Parliament

Main achievements: Active participation in the decision making process on the construction of a nuclear power plant. Drafting reports, amendments, press releases, speeches, columns and various kinds of articles. Managing MP's diaries, email, arranging and managing meetings and events, liaising with the Finnish Government and other stakeholders.